Hermanus Meijerink

Hermanus Meijerink

E-mail: [email protected]

Hermanus is member of the IMO core group since 2012.

He studied Economics and acquired specialist experience in Finance, Social Pedagogy, Organisational Development, Coaching and Biography.

After emigrating to Brazil in the late sixties, he established contact with a family company in Holambra and had the privilege to contribute for 21 years to the development of the pioneer company “Klaas Schoenmaker & Filhos” into the professional and successful concern “Grupo Terra Viva” (www.terraviva.agr.br). In this period he structured a participative form of administration, policymaking and development of human resources, strategic planning and governance, creating professional relations between shareholders and executives.

Since 1997 Hermanus works as an autonomous consultant, mainly in family and impulse driven companies. Professionalisation, succession and governance are the main themes in his work. Coaching leaders in organisations are also part of his repertoire.

Besides these organisational development processes, part of his time is dedicated to running development programs and workshops. The main theme is Horizontal Leadership as well as Social Skills, which are fundamental in organisational context. The Centre for Horizontal Leadership, founded in Brazil together with Adriaan Bekman (www.liderancahorizontal.com.br), brings these activities together since 2008.

He is fascinated by the question how management is to reach excellent results and at the same time assure the well being and development of people and planet.